Thank President Biden for New Arctic Protections

The Biden administration recently released a final regulation to strengthen protections for nearly 13 million acres of Special Areas in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

This announcement creates durable Arctic protections at a sweeping landscape level and sets the stage for more.

The timing is critical: Oil and gas companies are relentless in their pursuit of more oil in this fragile region, including fossil fuel projects that millions of Americans have opposed. Under this rule, the Western Arctic's Special Areas will start to receive the protections they deserve for the sake of communities, biodiversity and our global climate.

In order for us to build on this effort, it's critical that President Biden hear loud and clear that Americans value these protections.

Sign this petition to tell President Biden:

"Thank you for working to protect the Western Arctic! I hope you'll continue to make decisions for America's Arctic that prioritize communities, biodiversity, and our global climate moving forward."
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