Tell AZ Lawmakers: Protect Public School Funding.

The ESA voucher program is threatening our public schools - the program has no funding cap, has surpassed initial cost estimates by 1200%, and is causing lay-offs, school closures, and cuts across the state. This legislative session, we need policymakers to stand strong for Arizona students and ensure adequate funding to our public school system.

Send a message to lawmakers to rein in this out of control program and be a hero for public education.

Dear Governor Hobbs and members of the state legislature: 

As you know, Arizona's ESA voucher program is out of control. The program has no funding cap, and it has surpassed initial cost estimates by 1200%. The rapid growth of ESA vouchers has contributed to school closures, lay-offs and cuts across the state. And the program's complete lack of accountability and transparency is leading to massive fraud. It's completely unacceptable. 

We know that you care deeply about the public schools chosen by 90% of Arizona's families. Now is the moment to stand strong. Please ensure that any budget deal includes provisions protecting funding for our public schools and addressing the skyrocketing cost of the ESA voucher program.

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