Let Protecting Human Rights Be Your Legacy to the World

Your belief in human rights for all, forever, can live on. Join us as a Human Rights Guardian by leaving a gift in your Will to Amnesty International, and help build a world in which human rights are respected for generations to come.

Together, we can ensure Amnesty International has the resources it needs, not just to respond to human rights abuses, but also to prevent them long into the future.

If you would like to make a lasting impact and ensure that your hard work and good fortune help others, join us as a Human Rights Guardian. Your gift of a lifetime – a gift in your Will to Amnesty International – can help save lives, end torture, and free the wrongfully imprisoned now and in the future.

Sign up today to receive information on how you can ensure that your belief in human rights for all, forever, can live on. You'll receive a personal email or phone call from our Legacy Giving Team about how you can leave a lasting gift to human rights and justice through a gift in your Will to Amnesty International.

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