Stop Amazon’s Dirty Deal with the Port Authority

The Port Authority of NY/NJ Board has entered into negotiations with Amazon, shrouded in secrecy, that would give the giant corporation access to Newark Airport. They would use it for a massive regional Air Hub that would have drastic consequences for the surrounding community – but for six months, the public hasn't been able to weigh in.

Amazon jobs are dangerous: The serious injury rate in their warehouses is almost 80 percent higher than the industry average. 

And this is a racial justice issue: According to the data, Black employees at Amazon are more than 50 percent more likely to be fired. But in addition to the economic insecurity for those workers, Amazon's Air Hub would bring additional air and truck traffic and pollution to already overburdened communities of color surrounding the airport, elevating stress and the risk of cardiovascular disease and respiratory illness like asthma.

The people who will deal with the consequences of this dangerous decision should have the right to weigh in.

Send a message to the Port Authority today to urge them to stop the secret Air Hub with Amazon and to listen to community voices!

I write to urge the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to stop the secret deal with Amazon to build an Air Hub at the Newark Airport. In New Jersey, we need good jobs, clean air and transparency from our elected officials. The Port Authority and Amazon must listen to community voices and stop this secret Air Hub.

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