Save Wild Tigers and Keep Them as the Beating Heart of the Forest!

Tiger populations plummeted from around 100,000 individuals in the early 20th century to 3,000 individuals in 2010, occupying just 7% of their original range. This catastrophic decline inspired a global conservation movement which has kept tigers as a crucial component of Asia's surviving forests. But worldwide, there are STILL fewer than 5,000 wild tigers and more needs to be done to keep them as the beating heart of the forest.

As apex predators, tigers maintain a balanced ecosystem standing as guardians of Asia's surviving forests, but they need your help. Their survival is at stake and their only hope is people like you.

While our leaders are convening at COP27, COP19 and COP15 to talk about the future of our planet, will you add your voice and speak up for tigers this Year of the Tiger?

Pledge you won't let them disappear from the wild forever. Thank you!

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