This woman discovered the body of an abused, mutilated dog inside a metal crate on a Las Vegas street and the culprits have yet to be found

  • van: Care2 Team
  • ontvanger: The Las Vegas Police Department

While walking down a Las Vegas street, a woman stumbled across a badly abused, dead dog locked in a metal crate. The discovery came in the midst of a horrific wave of abuse in the northwest valley area.

Act now and urge the Las Vegas Police Department to do everything they can to investigate this horrific animal abuse and find the person or people who committed this crime!

The woman who found the dog said, "It's an image that I will never get out of my head." The poor thing was in an awful state, described by news reports as "mutilated and murdered." 

This dog is one of many animals included in a trend of cruelty sweeping Las Vegas. Another dog was recently discovered covered in severe chemical burns, another was hung from a fence, and numerous other animals being abandoned in hot cars and garages in the oppressive Nevada summer heat.

If the person or persons responsible for this act can do this to a helpless dogs, then what could they do to a human being? We know for a fact that abuse towards animals precedes abuse towards people -- and this particularly gruesome case should be of the utmost concern to law enforcement.

Sign now and make sure the person responsible is found! The people and animals of Las Vegas are not safe until then.

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