Protect children and families. Join us to fight COVID-19 in the world's most vulnerable places.

The reality is grim: If we don't fight the COVID-19 pandemic in poor countries, there'll be many more orphaned children when it's over.

Right now, the pandemic is threatening impoverished places already struggling with war and natural disasters. For many families living in these communities, those most vulnerable to this virus are also primary caregivers for young children.

They're at risk, and if something happens to them, those children can be left without families.

While rich countries can just buy what they need — disinfectants, sanitizers, disposable masks, tests, and care — these countries don't have that luxury. In some of the least developed places, 75% of people do not have access to soap and clean water. That's why, SOS Children's Villages is on the ground doing everything we can to help.

Our teams are working hard around the clock, however, their work has become much more complicated and much more expensive because of the pandemic. In response, we've created our COVID-19 emergency taskforce, which will get the supplies to prevent COVID-19 and keep children and families safe. But we can't do it without your help.

We urgently need all the support we can get if we're to keep families safe and ensure children aren't left orphaned.

SOS Children's Villages is the largest charity working with orphaned and abandoned children globally.

Will you join SOS Children's Villages in the fight to stop COVID-19 in the world's most vulnerable communities and protect children and families?
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