Urge Congress To Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the United States Foreign Service and Mint a Commemorative Coin in their Honor

    Please join this petition on behalf of United States Foreign Service Officers to convince Members of Congress to cosponsor and approve S.789/H.R. 3537, The United States Foreign Service Commemorative Coin Act. This bipartisan, budget-neutral legislation calls on the Secretary of the Treasury to mint a coin to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the United States Foreign Service, which is this year.

    United States Foreign Service officers are the federal government’s primary professional cadre charged with the conduct of U.S. diplomacy, representing the United States abroad in peace and war. This coin will recognize a century of contributions and sacrifices by Foreign Service personnel to advance America’s prosperity and security. Aside from firefighters, no other unarmed civilian workforce faces such constant danger and or experienced such loss of life, sustained stress, injuries and health hazards as the United States Foreign Service.

    The U.S. Mint reimburses itself for production costs from revenue generated by the sale of the coins. Remaining revenue will go to ADST (https://adst.org), a non-partisan, 501c3 educational organization that has assembled a rich collection of American diplomatic oral history, publicly accessible on the ADST and Library of Congress websites. Funds from the sale of the coin would help ADST modernize the production and sharing of American oral history and support its mission to strengthen public understanding of and appreciation for diplomacy and its importance for national security. ADST’s Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection is a resource that benefits Congress and the American public.

    We need your support to get Congress to act on S.789/H.R. 3537 at the earliest possible juncture.
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