End the trafficking of girls in Nepal

Every hour a girl or woman is trafficked in Nepal. That's more than 8,000 every year.

Every day girls in Nepal are being forcibly taken, coerced, targeted by men posing as boyfriends, sold by family members and lured with the promise of work and a new life.

Many girls are living in extreme poverty, with little access to information, quality education and employment. Few have been told the dangers of being trafficked — so when someone promises them opportunities abroad, they believe they will have the chance to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Nepal is in the middle of huge political change. For the first time there are newly-elected local Mayors with the power to develop local laws and action plans. Power is shifting from the national to the local level, but while the Government is in limbo, the traffickers aren't stopping — so politicians can't either. They must act now to protect girls.

Stand with us as we call on our new Mayor to run a public awareness campaign so all girls know the risks of trafficking. Help us show our Mayor that we are not alone – that thousands of people like you around the world are standing with us. Will you help us get our voices heard? Please sign our petition.
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