NO TAX CUT FOR WA's SUPER RICH Pledge To Decline To Sign WA I-1929, They Want To Give Themselves A Huge Tax Cut, And Make The Rest Of Us Pay

A new ballot initiative, I-1929, in Washington State would give the super rich a tax cut. To give themselves this tax cut, some of WA's super rich want to take $500 million a year from Washington's Education Legacy Trust Account, which pays for:

  • education, including safety and other repairs for Washington's aging schools
  • creating more preschools and child cares so parents can get back to work
  • helping students who can't take another set back, including thousands of students with disabilities.

What you should know about I-1929:

  • rolls back a 7% state capital gains tax that only applies to huge (bigger than $250,000) stock profits made by super rich

  • hurts hundreds of thousands of Washington's working parents who need childcare, and our students who need safe schools

Sign now! Pledge that if a signature gatherer asks,  you will decline to sign I-1929. Together, we won't let a few super rich people rig the tax system for themselves, making the rest of us pay for it.
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