Affordable Health Care is at Risk for Millions of Americans; Sign the Petition to Expand on the Affordable Care Act Today!

Every American deserves affordable, comprehensive health coverage — regardless of their income, health status, or pre-existing conditions. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 31 million hardworking Americans have quality, affordable health coverage through the ACA's marketplaces. But we can do more to ensure millions of Americans have access to affordable health coverage by building on the Affordable Care Act.

We need your help to strengthen and protect the Affordable Care Act. Complete this quick form to tell your member of Congress to build on what's working in health care.
Subject: Build On the Affordable Care Act

Today I am reaching out to you as a constituent to help expand health care coverage to those who need it most. The Affordable Care Act has expanded high-quality, comprehensive coverage to 31 million hardworking Americans. I strongly support actions to swiftly and efficiently enhance the Affordable Care Act to ensure millions of Americans have access to affordable health coverage.

This includes solutions to make current federal subsidies permanent to protect more than 12 million Americans from higher premiums.

Thank you for your hard work to strengthen the Affordable Care Act during the COVID-19 crisis, which has resulted in tremendous progress improving both access and affordability.

I urge you to do more to build on what's working in health care by strengthening and protecting the Affordable Care Act.

Join me in this fight! You can learn more at
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