Children with disabilities have the right to go to school

Stella (pictured above), who's 17, lives in Cameroon and has a physical disability that makes it difficult for her to walk. Until last year, she'd never been to school.

In Cameroon, and in many other developing countries, children with disabilities are often left behind when it comes to education. This can be because of discrimination, negative attitudes, schools that aren't equipped to support them, and sometimes because their families worry how they'll cope.

Stella's mum Maiapi said that before Stella went to school, she was sad, lacked confidence and felt isolated. She also couldn't read or write. But an inclusive education project (supported by Sightsavers) gave Stella the chance to go to school and realise her potential. This has made a huge difference in her life and after one year of learning, writing has become her favourite subject.

Right now, in the world's poorest countries, there are millions of young people with disabilities missing out on their right to education.

It doesn't have to be this way. With your support, a world where people with disabilities can claim their rights – not only to education but also to employment, health care and full participation in society – can be a reality.

It's unacceptable that in 2019, disability rights are something we still have to fight for. But if enough of us raise our voices, together we can create a movement for change.

Join Sightsavers today in calling on the Irish government to prioritise people with disabilities in putting its global development policy into action, in order to deliver on its vision of reaching the hardest-to-reach people.

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