We must do more to protect journalists in conflict zones

Journalists are often the only source of verified information in conflict zones. Their reports help shape international understanding and crisis response. They provide the world with insights into the realities on the ground, often at incredible personal risk.

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports 88 journalists have been killed in Gaza from October 7 – February 24. Horrifyingly, the toll, just like the number of civilian deaths overall, is certain to have ticked up further in the days since.

Journalists are a crucial voice in moments of crisis. We need verifiable information now more than ever — and that won't happen if people in power fail to ensure the safety of the press, particularly in combat areas.

There's work to do to save lives in Gaza and get the remaining hostages home to their families before the situation deteriorates even further. So far, the White House hasn't done enough in the face of this rising death toll, but activists like you can change that.

Sign and tell President Biden: Protect and secure the safety of journalists in Gaza and other conflict zones.
To President Biden:

The Israeli Defense Force has a deeply troubling history of deliberately targeting journalists and media infrastructure. I call on you to hold them accountable and do more to safeguard the lives of all civilians, including the press, in this conflict immediately.

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