Tell the Biden admin to punish Tyson Foods for illegally dumping toxic waste in rivers and lakes!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: Biden administration

A shocking new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists reveals that Tyson Foods dumped millions of pounds of toxic pollutants directly into American rivers and lakes over the last five years, threatening critical ecosystems and endangering wildlife and human health.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, chloride, oil and cyanide were among the 371 MILLION pounds of pollutants released into waterways by just 41 Tyson slaughterhouses and processing plants between 2018 and 2022 — along with blood, animal feces, and all the dangerous bacteria that accompanies it.

Make Tyson Foods pay to clean up the pollution they caused!

This is not the first time Tyson Foods has been discovered committing absolutely heinous acts. During the pandemic, Tyson Foods managers were discovered betting on how many of their workers would contract the deadly coronavirus and more recently have been discovered to have been fixing broiler chicken prices.

It's unclear what the consequences of this terrible pollution are at the moment, but they can't be good. The Biden administration needs to send a warning to corporate America and hold Tyson Foods accountable for their actions.

If they're willing to do all these things, you can bet other companies are doing the same thing. We cannot allow big corporations to freely poison our water, air, and bodies while they reap huge profits.

Tell the Biden admin to punish Tyson Foods for illegally dumping millions of pounds of toxic waste in rivers and lakes!

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