Tell Congress to Fully Fund NOAA

Whether you know it or not, the work of NOAA—the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—impacts your life each and every day. America relies on the team of world-class professionals and scientists at NOAA to do essential work ranging from the bottom of the ocean all the way up to the reaches of space.

And now NOAA needs your help!

The Biden administration's budget blueprint includes $6.9 billion in proposed funding for the NOAA—which would increase NOAA's budget by more than $1 billion. As climate change continues to wreak havoc on our ocean and coastal communities and as we work to create new jobs to make a more resilient nation, these investments in NOAA's science, conservation, climate and weather mission are more important than ever before.

The services that NOAA provides aren't theoretical. They're very, very real. And they're in your hands, on your television and on your dinner plate virtually every day.  NOAA is responsible for:

  • Exploring and protecting the depths of our ocean
  • Managing America's fisheries
  • Protecting endangered marine mammals and other ocean wildlife
  • Giving you your local nightly weather forecast
  • Forecasting and tracking hurricanes
  • Predicting "space weather" to forecast solar storms that could disrupt our nation's critical satellites, including GPS services that we all rely on every day.

You don't see a NOAA logo pop up each time NOAA touches your life, but NOAA is there—whether you're aware of it or not.

Take action today—tell Congress to fully fund NOAA.

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