Tell Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault we need a law to respect nature

As you read this, the last slivers of old growth forests in BC are being logged, northern boreal forests are being doused with poisonous pesticides, and salmon populations are imperilled on both coasts. 

Science tells us that we must protect nature to limit global warming, yet exploitative industries continue to destroy it with zero regard for Indigenous sovereignty. 

Corporations get away with this appalling behaviour because Canadian policy protects the polluter. As long as this remains the case, Canadian law is broken. 

To fix it, we need a new Biodiversity Act that protects the rich ecosystems of Canada. This law must respect Indigenous sovereignty, hold corporations accountable, and establish firm nature protection targets. 

Canada's Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, has the power to make this happen. Together, let's show him that we are fed up with the prioritization of profit-driven corporations over Indigenous rights and the environment. We are not apart from the natural world — we are a part of it. It's far time we heal our relationship with Nature and recognize the value of all life on Earth.

Tell Steven Guilbeault to commit to passing a strong Biodiversity Act that respects Indigenous rights and protects biodiversity. 

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