Tell Congress and the President: We Must Save Child Care

Right now, parents all around the country are struggling to find child care for their children. Because of the pandemic, the child care industry is in freefall.

Already fragile before the pandemic, child care providers are facing increased costs and decreased revenue from enrollment because of safety requirements. Without targeted financial support, 50% of providers will close their doors for good. That means 4.5 million slots for children will be gone.

Parents cannot return to work without care for their kids. And children need high-quality care so they can be kindergarten ready.

When the airline industry threatened to lay off 19,000 workers, it was front page news. But the child care industry has already lost 200,000 jobs and has received only a fraction of the assistance Congress gave to the airlines.

Voters across the political spectrum support financial relief for the child care industry during the pandemic. Now it's up to lawmakers to act.

Send the petition to Congress and the president today — we must save child care!
Subject: Support the child care industry in the next stimulus package

The child care industry is in freefall right because of the pandemic. Child care providers have found it very difficult to weather the economic and health impact of the coronavirus. Estimates are that if child care providers do not receive adequate support, around 4.5 million child care slots could disappear – roughly half of all licensed child care slots.

Child care is absolutely essential for the welfare of millions of children around the country. 6.4 million children are in a regular child care arrangement. High-quality child care means more children start kindergarten ready to learn.

Child care is also essential to our economy. Child care services add $100 billion annual to the economy. The industry employs more than 1.5 million people, more than 40% of whom are women of color. Unfortunately, 200,000 child care jobs have already been lost because of the pandemic.

In order to get parents back to work, address these massive job losses and ensure children receive high-quality care, I urge you to support $50 billion in dedicated funding for the child care industry in the next stimulus package.

Millions of children and parents around the country are depending on you to save child care.

Thank you.

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