Keep Activism Alive. Pledge to Pause for 60 Seconds of Daily Meditation & Self-Care.

Your passion, your choice. Your mission, your voice. Activism starts with you.

And while you do so much to manifest change and inspire others, now it's time to give some of that energy back to yourself.

At Bodhi Tree, we want to support you on your quest for a more awakened life. We began in 1970 as a beloved West Hollywood bookstore and destination for the metaphysically curious. Today, we have transformed ourselves into an online destination for new and antiquarian book titles as well as handcrafted sacred home and ceremonial products.
Our newest offering, the Bodhi Collective, is a unique curated learning journey to spark deeper consciousness. The Collective reflects on themes of reality, nature and the cosmos, and well-being for the mind, body and spirit. No matter where you are on your path, this rich and diverse democratic exchange is meant to inspire and illuminate fulfillment in every facet of your life.
Pledge to practice a week of mindfulness with 1 minute of daily meditation, ritual and self-care for seven days.

When you sign up to hear more from Bodhi Tree, you'll receive the information, tools and resources you need to practice meditation and self-care during your week of mindfulness — and beyond.
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