Tell the new Prime Minister to act now on the hunger crisis in East Africa

A global food crisis is currently unfolding, with the UN warning that 49 million people across the world could be at risk of starvation and famine-like conditions unless they receive immediate assistance. East Africa is among the worst impacted with 23 million people facing life-threatening hunger and malnutrition. Compounding drought, COVID-19, conflict, the climate crisis - and now the war in Ukraine - are turning a tough situation into a dire crisis. No one wants to see their child go hungry. Not in the UK and not in East Africa.

Urgent action is needed to prevent famine now and in the future. The UK government says it is committed to driving a global response to prevent famine. But not enough is being done to slow the rising tide of hunger. The UK needs to urgently increase funding to tackle the global hunger crisis, by immediately increasing its support in East Africa - and beyond - now.

Sign our petition to tell the new Prime Minister to act now on the hunger crisis in East Africa.

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