Stop Ottawa from green lighting Megaport project in the Fraser River estuary putting already vulnerable Chinook Salmon and Southern Resident killer Whales at risk of extinction !

Against all environmental assessments , Ottawa has just greenlit the Robert Banks terminal project in BC's Fraser River Estuary. The project will result in increased shipping traffic, underwater noise and reduction in water quality both of which are harmful to the Salmon and the Whales.This is one of Canada's largest expansive ecosystems for Criticaly threatened Chinook Salmon rearing and foraging grounds essential for the Critically endangered Southetn Resident Killer Whales (counts as of jan 2023 are 73 left). There is already a terminal 85 hectares in size which disrupts the natural habitat and breeding site for Chinnook salmon ( the only natural prey of Southern Resident killer Whales which makes up the bulk of thier diet) .Now this critical habitat will lose an additional 112 hectares. The Canadian government has ignored the review from Canada's Impact Assessment Agency that states this project will have a huge effect
on the survival of Chinook Salmon and therefore Southern Resident Killer .Whales. These Whales are federally protected in both Canada and the United States under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) and the Endangerd Species Act (ESA). This project constitutes a violation of law and the Canadian Government is sneaking it in under Canadians and US citizens radar. This project will most certainly hasten the demise of
Species already fighting for their existence. Don't let the Robert Banks Terminal 2 construction Project be allowed to happen in the Salish Sea!

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