Please Sign To Allow Women To Be Topless And Breastfeed In Public If They Want, Allow Equal Rights To Women, Allow Equal Rights And Desexualize Womens breasts, Also Sign For Facebook And Instagram To Stop The Censership Over Womens Breasts!

the full credit goes to a girl in New York named LINA ESCO, she created a movie called, Free The Nipple, its about these group of women getting thrown in jail, how people treat women differently, and how its not fair that women go through this when it should be all equal between a man and a women, i want to say thanks for joining me and helping supporting the women rights and free the nipple rights movement, so you know the girl who started this campaign was right, she said, that she asked a guy what it would be like if she was topless around him, and he said it would be distracting and there will be sexual things, then she said what if i sat in a chair in front of you for 5 hours wouldn't you get tired of them? i really do agree with what she is saying, i honestly truly believe that its the LAWS FAULT! how is it the Laws fault? because THE LAW has kept the nipple hidden for many years and was only to be able to be seen in PORN, because of this that's what makes boobs/nipples so sexual because of where and how we see them, lets say if when men were able to be topless and so could women, WOMEN WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM, WE THE PEOPLE WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM, for awhile now i been a boob and nipple lover, because i am i do often study and read things, thoughts came to me and make me think if women were able to go topless and not have to worry women would not be in this spot they are in, yes she is right again if women were topless all the time i my self think less, pictures, sexual harassments, shame, shyness, hurt, etc, i don't know if you agree but just think about it, there is a point in all of this, its really about how you women got treated an were forced to cover up, unlike alot of men i find boobs/nipples not TO BE PORN OR SEXUAL, its more along the lines of they are awesome, sweet, sexy, something fun to look at, but of course you have these A-HOLES out there that make it the way it is, long story short, take X-RAY VISION, say every guy had that super power 99.99% of those men would abuse that power, the same with BOOBS! some person had to abuse that power that you women shoulder have had abused, its not fair i know, but i believe if you all push forward with this and show the world that its not a bad thing i truly believe it would fix alot of things and of course it should be your choice, but again show them THAT YOU WOMEN RULE AND YOU DESERVE TO HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS AS US MEN! for me i think its very important to move forward and make things equal between men and women i think its only fair, i really don't like the city or how and what people have become, i am tired of it all and I'm glad free the nipple is here, i think its important to change for the better, women are alive and a person to, they should be treated no different, they don't need to earn to the respect they deserve the respect, boobs are boobs, nipples are nipples, guys can lactate to, so whats the big deal? screw everyone who doesn't like free the nipple, if you dont agree then leave this page and finally i want to say, this is for all of you that don't know and who are new to all this and who just don't know where to start or how to, alright so there is a equality movement going on right here in america and around the world about women's rights, there was a girl who made a movie about equality and how men can be shirtless but women cant, girls have to cover up the nipple and they think if men can so can women if they want to, well they want it to be equal between both male and female, they also want to make it legal for breastfeeding able to be done in public as well, its a movement that alot of people want to get into, so the campaign is called FREE THE NIPPLE, which is what the movie is called, its really good i recommend it, its a good 85% so the girl who created this asked a guy a question, this is what she asked/said, she asked a guy what it would be like if she was topless around him and he said it would be distracting and there will be sexual things said and done but then she said what if i sat in a chair in front of you for 5 hours wouldn't you get tired of them? he said actually yes, alot of people are standing up for all of this and think its right to get involved, i created this page to help support free the nipple called, lets free the nipple, the protest is ranging from twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, i think that women have equal rights as a man and should be treated like it, my girlfriend would happily go topless if she could but she cant, its not about being able to see the breast its about freedom, the female nipple is not allowed women are putting copy and pasting male nipples over theirs, social sites cant do anything about it because its a male nipple, we need more support, so use the #‎freethenipple on Facebook, Instagram and twitter, my page is, Facebook/letsfreethenips thank you for reading this, big celebrities are getting involved as well, like i said just use the hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc again please like my page and show your support, feel free to message, you can also submit your pictures in a private message on my page or you can directly post them on my pages wall and also don't forget to share the page and share the posts!!, every picture will be posted, again please show your support and help give women the support and rights they deserve! (bare/bra/covered/doted pictures are OKAY) also don't forget to make videos of your thoughts on youtube and ill share them on the page, a lot of people are making signs and posters, comments and likes, again like i said feel free to post them or message them to me to be posted, thanks for showing the support! don't stop still along road ahead of us but we can do it i know we can(: don't be shy this is your time, so own it, again thanks for the support(:

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