Sign up to Participate in’s 2 Trees For $1 Planting Match in Honor of Earth Month

The average American's carbon footprint from our home, work, travel and everything else we do and buy nets a whopping 50,000 pounds a year. In the fight against climate change, it's essential that every one of us does our part to offset our carbon footprint and support leaders and organizations who are expanding projects in renewable energy, forestry and tree planting, energy efficiency, and water restoration. 

During the month of April, you can help create a more sustainable future for our planet by participating in's tree planting match. For every $1 donated, you'll help plant TWO trees! has spent the last 19 years committed to neutralizing carbon emissions around the globe, supporting 240 projects in 28 countries, offsetting over 40 billion pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and planting more than 1.6 million trees. These projects are  third-party validated and verified to the highest international standards. 

In honor of Earth Month, is matching all tree planting donations meaning your generosity goes twice as far — for every $1 donated TWO trees will be planted! Sign the pledge today and you'll receive an email with next steps on how you can participate in's tree planting match to bring more trees to Madagascar and Kenya. 

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