Tell Congressman Gottheimer: Thank You For Standing Up To Protect Patients And Medical Innovation In New Jersey

Federal policymakers are right to find solutions that expand access to affordable prescription drugs, but not every proposal deserves merit. Some federal drug pricing proposals would actually result in fewer treatments for patients and cut revenues for U.S. biotech companies that develop new and groundbreaking medicines.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer has stood with other lawmakers to call for policies that ensure treatment access for patients and support a thriving life sciences ecosystem.

We encourage you to thank Congressman Gottheimer for raising his voice on the merits of drug pricing reforms and for continuing to stand with Patients.
SUBJECT: Thank you for your leadership in protecting patient access and innovation

Dear Congressman Gottheimer,

I am writing to you today to thank you for supporting policies that protect patient access to critical prescription medications and future medical innovations for hard-to-treat conditions.

Several federal proposals being considered right now would actually threaten future medical innovations that patients in New Jersey and states across the country rely on to manage and improve their health. While healthcare access and affordability should remain a priority for all policymakers, proposals like H.R.3 do not represent the appropriate approach to solving these issues. In fact, such proposals would limit treatment access by relying on controversial price-setting models and value frameworks that actually discriminate against certain patients.

I'm proud to know you have stood with other lawmakers to oppose such policies and advocate for solutions that would improve prescription drug affordability and access for all patients. Treatment affordability should not come at the cost of developing new treatments and drugs that patients are dependent on.

Thank you for standing with consumers in New Jersey and beyond and supporting policies that protect patients, New Jersey jobs, and future cures.

Thank you
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