Fight for the national policy to end sexual violence at universities - #ItsRevolting

I was raped at university by another student. I sat there the morning after being violated, overwhelmed at the prospect of having to see my rapist on a weekly basis.

My university's policy stated that if you were reporting a criminal offence they wouldn't do anything until it had been dealt with by the police. Because of the lack of support from my university, and in order to cope, at the time I dismissed what had happened as "not that bad". I told no-one else.

I am not alone. Sexual violence is happening at every university in the UK. And it's revolting. 

Please join Revolt Sexual Assault in urging the government to acknowledge this widespread issue and implement a national policy, with student survivors at its heart. With your help we can create a new minimum standard of care for all students who experience sexual violence, at every university. 

Many universities have next to no support, specialised staff or policies in place for survivors. In some cases, the same procedures for cheating in an exam are applied to a rape allegation.

Through our campaign, Revolt Sexual Assault, I have spoken to thousands of students who are suffering in silence, blaming themselves and feeling alone, without the help they need. Like I was. You are not alone. 

We need your help to end this. Everyone in the UK has the human right to an education, an education free from sexual violence. Sign and share our petition and join the revolution. 


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