I Want to Stop the Divide. Pledge to Be Better to Each Other.

Raise your hand if you're exhausted by the non-stop name calling, the divisiveness, the closed-mindedness, and the relentlessly judgmental attitudes that have become the norm in our culture — and that prevent us from coming together to make progress. Don't be shy — we're raising our hands, too. 

Are you ready to take action and be a part of the solution?

Starts With Us is on a mission to rehumanize the way we relate to each other, inspiring and empowering people to practice curiosity, empathy, and courageous collaboration as daily habits. We believe everyone can effectively and respectfully work together across our differences and that this work can unlock our full potential to address personal and societal challenges. 

Join our non-partisan, rapidly growing community of people committed to rehumanizing our culture, starting with our personal daily habits. 

Join the movement — take the Starts With Us pledge!

I pledge to make it a daily habit to:

·        Listen more and react less

·        Forgive more and judge less

·        Strive to work together across lines of difference

Overcoming the endless cycle of resentment and division Starts With Us!

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