Join over 2 million advocates who protect health care!

Every American deserves access to care. As Congress continues to debate changes to our health care system, new threats could arise at any moment and we need to be ready to fight for patient care.

This year, we've heard of proposed budget cuts for hospital outpatient facilities, such as chemotherapy treatment centers and rehabilitation clinics. Any cuts to hospitals could affect these facilities, their patients, and the entire communities they serve.

We need to stay ready to fight back against threats like these. Join us today & say you're ready to protect care.

About Us:

We're the Coalition to Protect America's Health Care — a group of 2 million Americans, of all political stripes, who have stood up time and time again to protect care for themselves, their families, their loved ones, and their communities.

When you join the Coalition today, you are protecting care for your community, your family and yourself. Add your name and join our fight today!

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