Help Save Wildlife Babies

Spring is a crucial time for wildlife as they prepare for the arrival of their young. You might already have spotted birds scouting for nesting sites and collecting materials to build their homes.

Unfortunately, with changes in climate and increases in severe weather events in British Columbia, we see significant impacts on wildlife. For some migrating species, food resources may not be readily available when they arrive at their nesting range, leaving them struggling to feed their young. They may even struggle to find enough food for themselves, resulting in orphans left behind.

Every year, more than 5,000 injured, orphaned, or pollution-damaged wild animals are admitted to the Wildlife Rescue Hospital and rehabilitation facility. The nonprofit organization also operates a Helpline seven days a week to assist the public with questions about wildlife and to support with any wildlife situation.

Over the coming months, hundreds of wild babies will need rescue and rehabilitation. Sadly, many will become injured and orphaned this spring, and without help, will not make it to adulthood.

The hospital preparations for the nesting season are underway - but wildlife needs your help!

Last spring alone, the support from people like you played a crucial role in caring for 2,046 wildlife babies who needed medical treatment!

Can you sign today and pledge to call a local wildlife rescue organization if you see an animal in distress?
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