Tell Legislators to Support HB 1152 and Allow ADUs Across Colorado

House Bill 1152 helps address our state's growing housing shortage and affordability crisis by giving many Colorado homeowners the right to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on their property. Specifically, House Bill 1152 will remove burdensome regulations and provide funding to local governments helping working people afford housing and seniors stay in their homes. 

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To whom it may concern: 

I am writing to ask you to vote yes on House Bill 1152 to give homeowners the freedom to build an ADU on their property. 

Colorado's severe housing shortage is hurting families and communities in every corner of the state with Colorado now having the 5th highest housing costs in the country. Our community and our state needs housing solutions that can increase our supply of housing and provide an affordable home for people to live in. One of those solutions is to remove the red tape and allow Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs to be built.

House Bill 1152 will help eliminate some of the hurdles for building ADUs providing significant economic advantages to our community. ADUs offer an additional and often more affordable housing option for individuals and families, contributing to the overall increase in affordable housing stock. They will also allow families to stay together, providing independent living spaces for different generations. The construction and maintenance of ADUs will stimulate our local economy by creating jobs, supporting local contractors, and generating additional revenue.

Our state and local governments can work together to ensure the needs of homeowners, neighborhoods, and the broader community are met. The right to build ADUs presents a pragmatic and effective solution to build more affordable types of housing.

Please support House Bill 1152 to remove the barriers and give homeowners the freedom to build an ADU on their property.

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