Sign the Petition: ALL women deserve access to the full range of birth control methods

99% of U.S. women have used it. 85% of all adults believe it is a basic part of a woman's health care. It allows women to plan for a family on their own terms and gives women the power to decide their own destinies.

We're talking about birth control.

Yet 19.5 million women working to make ends meet live in contraceptive deserts—counties without reasonable access to a health center that offers the full range of contraceptive methods. Deep in the heart of those deserts, 1.6 million women in need live in counties without a single health center that offers the full range of birth control methods.

Women also struggle to afford their birth control. An estimated 11 million women are without any form of health insurance (including coverage via the Affordable Care Act)—and consequently—do not have access to no- or low-cost birth control. These same women must spend over $500 a year to get birth control, including the cost for unreimbursed care and prescriptions, transportation, childcare, and wages lost while attending appointments.

Every woman—no matter who she is where she lives, or what her economic status is—deserves access to the health care she needs to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant and have a child.

Join Power to Decide and sign our petition telling policymakers that ALL women deserve access to the FULL range of birth control methods – because birth control IS basic health care!
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