Help us protect Medicare Advantage

Right now, Washington is debating changes to Medicare Advantage. These changes could mean cuts to the program, putting affordable, high-quality health coverage at risk for 27 million Americans 65+ and people with disabilities who depend on it.

We need your help to stand up for Medicare Advantage. Complete the form to tell your member of Congress to protect Medicare Advantage from cuts today.
Today I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Coalition for Medicare Choices and the 27 million seniors and people with disabilities who depend on Medicare Advantage. I strongly oppose any actions, including funding cuts, that threaten my coverage.

Unlike traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage caps out-of-pocket costs and allows seniors like me to get prescription drug coverage and wellness care without worrying about juggling additional coverage plans. With these additional benefits, Medicare Advantage can detect and treat disease better, helping Americans like me lead healthier lives.

Right now, Congress is considering changes to Medicare Advantage that could affect the health benefits that millions of Americans and I rely on every day. I need you to stand up for the 27 million seniors and people with disabilities to show your support for Medicare Advantage.

Join me in this fight! You can learn more at

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