Educate and empower women from their first period to their last

Emma started having extremely painful periods as a teenager and wasn't diagnosed until 8 years later. By this point she had been robbed of her fertility and experienced life-long damage to her organs.

Too many women and girls like Emma spend years suffering unnecessarily and having their lives ruined, because their period symptoms are normalised and dismissed as "just a period".

But these symptoms can be signs of underlying gynaecological conditions like endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids and PMDD. Delay in treatment can have severe health consequences as well as detrimental impacts on education, work, and relationships.

Those who seek help can face long waiting lists, invasive diagnostic tests, and a "trial and error" treatment approach.

Help us change this. We want the UK Government to support better awareness and education on gynaecological conditions for young people, and more help for girls and women to get medical care for menstrual health conditions when they need it.

We want to see:

1. Better menstrual health education in schools, with interactive workshops and peer support groups that are age appropriate, informative and include all girls and boys.

2. A public health campaign on menstrual health and period problems for teens and young women, with a focus on reaching and supporting women from deprived and marginalised communities.

3. Girls and women routinely asked about their periods when seen by health care professionals at existing touchpoints, such as vaccinations, contraceptive advice, urinary infections, and general health checks.

4. More funding for menstrual health research to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of period problems and other gynaecological conditions.

Sign now to help educate and empower young women from their first period to their last!
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