3 billion people are facing COVID-19 without soap and water

Nurses like Salimata are on the frontline of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Salimata works at Talo Healthcare centre in Mali. Before WaterAid installed water and handwashing facilities, she had to collect dirty water from a well nearby meaning there wasn't enough water to regularly wash her hands and keep the centre clean.

Clean water and good hygiene are the first line of defence against COVID-19. Right now, we all need to be able to wash our hands and protect against the spread of the virus. But 2 in 5 people around the world lack access to handwashing facilities. And 1 in 4 healthcare centres don't have clean water.

Now, Salimata knows that if coronavirus comes to her community, she has clean water in her clinic to help keep her staff and patients safe. But for the healthcare workers that don't have water, the situation is much scarier.

Ending the global pandemic will depend on our ability to curb the spread of the virus. Clean water will be critical.

It only takes 30 seconds. Add your name to our call on world leaders to double their investment in water and hygiene services in their COVID-19 response.

You can help ensure communities around the world don't face the virus without water. Every day without clean water allows disease to spread. Everyone should have clean water. Now and forever.
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