Everybody deserves to be seen. It's time to include disability in advertising and media.

In Canada, 22% of the population, which includes at least 400,000 children and youth (ages 0 to 24) are living with a disability. However, people with disabilities are dramatically underrepresented in our advertisements, films, and television shows.

Young people with disabilities routinely face the consequences of stigma – staring, whispers, name-calling, social exclusion, bullying, and outright discrimination. One powerful way we can counter disability stigma is to ensure everybody is seen.

There is strength in numbers and the more signatures we receive, the more influence we will have beyond our walls to advocate for the representation of disability in media. Will you join us in creating a more inclusive world that is stigma-free for kids and youth with disabilities?

Sign and join Holland Bloorview to call for more inclusive representation to help end stigma towards kids and youth with disabilities.
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