Stop The Torture of Greyhounds in Spain

In Spain, there is a widespread hunting tradition that involves torturing and killing approximately 60,000 Spanish Greyhounds (Galgos) a year.

When the hunters deem their Greyhounds no longer useful, they brutally torture and kill or discard their Greyhounds in the most barbaric fashion.

The dogs are sometimes even slowly killed by hanging them by their necks so that their hind legs barely touch the ground, swaying back and forth for days until they starve and die of exhaustion. Others are beaten with rocks and thrown into pits or wells to starve or drown, and sometimes they are even buried alive.

Since 2012, SPCA International has been working with organizations in Spain to eradicate this shocking, age-old tradition of hunting hares with Spanish Greyhounds and the abuse and torture associated with it.

Together, we can stop the abuse and needless death of thousands of these gentle dogs. Please help by speaking out against this torture! Sign the petition today to ban hunting with Greyhounds in Spain.

Government of Spain,

We implore you to stop the abuse, torture and killing of thousands of Spanish Greyhounds in Spain each year by outlawing hare-coursing. The shocking tradition of Greyhound abuse and torture associated with it must end! I urge the Spanish government to heed the growing international outrage and take immediate action. Spanish Greyhounds deserve your protection!

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In solidarity,

SPCA International and [Your Name]
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