Biden Is Blocking Oil and Gas in Some Parts of the Arctic, but Still Allowing the Willow Project to Move Forward!

    After years of advocacy by environmentalists and people working to fight climate change, President Biden has agreed to ban nearly half of all oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is a massive victory, and certainly one worth celebrating.

    But unfortunately, Biden is falling short of fully committing to protect the region. In fact, he approved the notorious Willow Project earlier this year, which would allow oil giant ConocoPhillips -- a company that saw profits of over 18 billion dollars last year alone -- to move forward with the largest oil development project in the entire country.

    If Biden is going to act on climate, he can't act half-way. It is time he blocks the Willow Project, too!

    Sign now to tell President Biden: keep the climate momentum going! Stop the Willow Project!

    The Willow Project would allow drilling in the habitat of hundreds of thousands of caribou and crucial nesting grounds for millions of migratory birds. The project is set to produce 576 million barrels of oil over the next three decades, almost guaranteeing unsustainable temperature increases due to climate change.

    It's hard to celebrate Biden's blocking of some fossil fuel infrastructure when he is approving other projects that will be a death sentence for wildlife and all but guarantee climate chaos. But he has a chance to make the right call and reverse his decision, banning the Willow Project for good. Sign the petition now to tell Biden to act on climate!
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