Sign Our People's Brief to Stop the Title X Gag Rule

The Trump-Pence administration's gag rule is designed to block patients who rely on Title X — our nation's only federal program dedicated to affordable birth control and reproductive health care — from accessing lifesaving care at Planned Parenthood health centers.

We will not back down when it comes to defending our patients' right to care. That's why we're taking the Trump-Pence administration to court. Sign Planned Parenthood's "people's brief" supporting patients and fighting to stop the gag rule.

Planned Parenthood's People's Brief

When a patient sees their doctor, they have the right to full and accurate information about their health, including how and where to access safe, legal abortion. The Trump-Pence administration's gag rule violates that right and puts people's lives at risk. We, the undersigned, believe this rule is illegal and support Planned Parenthood's fight to stop it.

By making it impossible for Planned Parenthood providers to participate in the Title X program, this gag rule will block patients who rely on Title X for care from obtaining that care at Planned Parenthood. It's a direct attack on anyone who has gotten health care at Planned Parenthood and reproductive health care providers like them.

This rule will hit people struggling to make ends meet the hardest, including women of color — who already face barriers to accessing health care. The gag rule will make these health care disparities even worse.

Let's be clear: This is not about health care. This is about politicians putting patients at risk to advance their ultimate agenda, which is to fundamentally restrict our reproductive health and rights.

We, the undersigned, will not stay quiet. We will never stop speaking out when our rights and our health are on the line. Today and every day, we stand with Planned Parenthood, the thousands of providers who stand in opposition, and the people who will lose health care as a result of this dangerous gag rule.

And we'll keep fighting, no matter what.

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