Support the ballot initiative to protect Arizonans from predatory debt collection!

Emergency medical debt and predatory debt collection practices devastate too many Arizona families.

Did you know:

  • Interest rates of medical debt can increase by as much as 10% per year, every year.
  • Families can lose their homes, cars, or have their wages garnished by predatory debt collectors - even if they've done everything right.

No one in Arizona should be stuck in a cycle of never-ending debt or struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head because of a surprise medical emergency.

The Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act fixes these problems by:

  • Protecting more assets from being sold to pay off debt collectors
  • Ensuring hard-working Arizonans keep more of their bank accounts and wages
  • Limiting the outrageous interest rates that trap families in an unending cycle of debt

Protect Arizonans today. Sign your name in support of the Predatory Debt Collection Act!

Paid for by Arizonans Fed Up with Failing Healthcare. Not authorized by any candidate.
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