Tell Congress: Support Funding to Reunite Separated Families!

The legacy of Trump's cruel family separation policy lives on with every child still separated from their family. That's why Kids in Need of Defense has worked tirelessly for years to reunite families who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border and provide the legal and social support they need to heal from the trauma they endured.

Join KIND to urge the House and Senate to commit the funds necessary to swiftly reunite still-separated families and provide comprehensive, long-term solutions to ensure their protection and well-being.

Dear Senator/Representative,

Four years after the prior Administration's Zero Tolerance Policy forcibly separated more than 5,400 migrant children from their parents, hundreds of families are still waiting to be reunited.

These separations, and the thousands more that occurred before and after the policy's end, have jeopardized families' safety, security, and lives, causing immeasurable pain and suffering.

It is incumbent upon our nation's leaders to rectify the trauma that thousands of families experienced under the Zero Tolerance Policy.

As advocates for unaccompanied children, we urge you to ensure the FY23 appropriations bills fund the services needed to reunite still-separated families and support the legal and social services these families need to begin to heal their immeasurable traumas.

Please take prompt action to reunify these families, ensure their well-being, and prevent them from experiencing further harm.

Yours, very sincerely,

{your name}
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