Tell Hong Kong: End the hippo ivory trade

Africa's elephants aren't the only species slaughtered for their ivory. Ruthless wildlife criminals also have the hippo in their crosshairs, and as much as 90 percent of their bloody contraband flows through Hong Kong's markets.

Shockingly, hippos have been excluded from protections in many of the strengthened ivory bans now spreading across the globe. But as hippos become more and more vulnerable, we need the world to wake up to reality: this iconic species may go extinct if nothing is done to protect them.

Hong Kong allows limited trade in hippo ivory and ruthless traffickers actively exploit their lax regulations. It's no harder than falsifying permits to move tons of hippo contraband through for domestic sales or export to Europe.

There is only one way to protect hippos and elephants: make all trade in ivory illegal.

Join AWF in telling the Hong Kong's government that it's time to close their entire ivory market to protect the species we love.
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