Small Zoos Are Dyeing Dogs to Look Like Pandas to Attract Visitors. This Is Extremely Dangerous for the Animals.

Pandas are extremely popular attractions at zoos around the world. However, not all zoos are able to house the vulnerable bear species - so some have started applying chemical dyes to other animals, especially dogs, in order to create fake "pandas."

That's what happened at one small provincial zoo in Eastern China - and it was deeply alarming to the local residents there.

Sign the petition to stand with outraged animal lovers in China. Zoos must stop dying other animals to look like pandas!

Dyeing might seem like a cute and harmless process, but that couldn't be any further from the truth.

In fact, using dyes on animals' fur can cause burns, abrasions, and pain for the helpless creatures. That's especially true for the powerful dyes used to create a "panda dog." Black dye is extremely difficult to create in a natural, plant-based way, so it requires application of intense chemicals to achieve the dramatic black-and-white effect.

Unlike when we humans dye our hair, these animals haven't given their consent. They don't know what's happening to them. All they know is that something suddenly feels very wrong.

Not only are local residents speaking out, but so are experts in veterinary medicine and chemical engineering in China. One professor, Chen Huaixia, said that "Pet dyes have a very strong odor" and definitely contain toxic compounds. She states that: "If pets ingest these dyes by licking their fur, it could be fatal."

On top of that, dogs may become "susceptible to depression" after dyeing, due to losing "their ability to judge their appearance" and feel a sense of belonging, causing intense psychological confusion and distress.

We must elevate the voices of animal lovers, veterinarians, and chemical experts in China! No more "panda dogs"! Sign the petition.
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