Support a free and independent press

Over the last few weeks, the Russian government has passed new laws prohibiting independent media from publishing anything other than the official party line. Radio, TV stations, and newspapers have been forced to shut down, or chose to close to protect their reporters. Some outlets are still publishing in a limited capacity but taking extraordinary measures to protect journalists from arrest--including by not referring to the war as such and instead calling it "what the government doesn't let us name."

A free press isn't something we should ever take for granted. The Nation believes that speak-truth-to-power journalism is the most powerful weapon of all. Join us.

Over the weeks and months ahead, our journalists will continue to report on the casualties and courage of Ukrainians and the refugee crisis that will surely escalate as we are reminded--once again and all too vividly--of the true costs and horrors of war.

Sign our petition today and let us know you believe in defending a free and independent press.
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