Dear Target, ditch fossil-fueled ships!

According to Pacific Environment and's November 2021 report, Shady Routes: How Big Retail and their Carriers Pollute along Key Ocean Shipping Corridors, Target is the third largest retail polluter via fossil-fueled ships and a top contributor to the West Coast ship pollution and congestion crisis.

Meanwhile, the company's digital sales doubled during the pandemic.

90% of world trade is moved through ocean shipping, which relies on bottom-of-the-barrel fuel that pollutes the ocean and threatens public health in port communities. As of 2021, the shipping industry accounts for nearly 3% of the world's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, more than the emissions from global air travel and equivalent to the annual electricity usage of almost 200 million homes.

Furthermore, the pollutants produced by dirty-fueled ships are associated with higher risk of asthma, cancer, and premature death. The reliance on the dirtiest fuel on the planet in shipping also contributes to ocean acidification and harms marine life.

There are already solutions and next steps toward zero-emission shipping that big retailers — like Target — can take to clean up their dirty shipping. But, retailers like Target need to feel the public pressure to take action.

So we need your help. Add your name to show your support as we urge Target's leadership to implement clean ships so we can protect our oceans.
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