Stand with GLIDE to demand racial and social justice now!

What does systemic racism in our "justice" system look like? Mass incarceration. Sentencing disparities. Police brutality.

What would reform look like? Community care instead of criminalizing homelessness and mental illness. Evidence-based harm reduction approaches to substance use disorder instead of criminalization and violence. Divesting from racist practices and investing in communities of color.

Every dollar spent on discriminatory practices is one not spent on our people's actual needs, like food security, housing and healthcare. Stand with us today to demand an end to racial injustices, as the first step in dismantling systems that oppress Black, Brown, LGBTQIA, immigrant, unsheltered and marginalized people.

At GLIDE, every day we see the pain caused by the oppression of people of color in America. And every day, we respond. Serving over 75% people of color, GLIDE lifts up individuals and families struggling with the effects of systemic racism and social injustice. 

Will you join us today in fighting structural racism and inequality? Sign now!

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