Demand a general election in the UK now! Don't leave it to the Conservative Party to choose our Prime Minister.

Theresa May has resigned from being the Prime Minister of the UK. Following 7th June 2019, the Conservative Party MPs, and members, will choose the new Prime Minister who will take office by mid-July.

The new Prime Minister will not have been elected by the public. This is undemocratic.

Demand a General Election in the UK now!

Whoever is selected by the Conservative Party to become the next Prime Minister will have no mandate to govern this country. People's choices in a general election are often driven by the leadership of political parties as they consider who they'd like to become Prime Minister.

Not only that, but the current lack of a strong majority for any party in Parliament means that the next Prime Minister will struggle to get any legislation passed, just as Theresa May struggled. In particular, Brexit deals will be difficult to pass, risking the UK falling into a disastrous 'no deal' situation with the EU.

Whilst UK elections do not directly elect Prime Ministers, during general elections people voting for their local MP will consider the political party their MP belongs to, in the knowledge that the leader of the party with the most MPs nationally will become Prime Minister. 

If you believe it's time for the UK to have a general election, sign now.
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