Californians, demand solutions to food insecurity

Good food is good health. That's why it's alarming that over 5 million Californians are food insecure — and over 2 million of them are children. In fact, one in eight kids doesn't have access to affordable, nutritious food.

Imagine the pain of not knowing when you'll eat again ... trying to learn on an empty stomach … or going through a work day without a bite to eat. No one should have to go hungry.

Food insecurity leads people to make unhealthy food choices or worry about not having any food at all. Poor nutrition and stress can lead to more serious issues like obesity, mood disorders, and even substance abuse. Each of these illnesses can cause chronic health problems, making it nearly impossible for a person to sustain their income and health.

Our Health California is a community of one million members dedicated to building healthier communities and advancing access to quality care. Together we help everyone make informed decisions about their health, and we're committed to making sure lawmakers protect care for all.

We're dedicated to ending this issue for people in our state. Join us. Sign the petition and demand solutions to hunger in California.
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