$600 million for police has NO place in COVID-19 relief legislation!

  • van: Faith In Action
  • ontvanger: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer
Did you know that House Democrats slipped $600 million for policing into their COVID-19 stimulus proposal? That is on top of $850 million in funding for police in the CARES Act.

For too long, federal funding has fueled anti-Black policing that controls and criminalizes communities of color. Just this year the federal government is sending more than $1.65 billion to local and state police departments to hire more officers, including in our schools, and put more military-grade weapons on our streets.

We need Congress to get on board with local organizing across the country to divest from violent and repressive policing. Instead, we must invest in violence prevention, mental health crisis teams, jobs and housing that are the true source of safety in communities.

Faith in Action is a national community organizing network that gives people of faith the tools that they need to fight for justice and work towards a more equitable society. We're launching a campaign to demand that Congress remove money for police from COVID-19 legislation and redirect those funds to violence prevention and mental health intervention. But, we can't do it alone.

Take action today and tell Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer that money for police has no place in public health legislation!
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