Demand no more sh*t in our waters: add your name

Sewage is being poured into our rivers and seas every day. Over 1,000 times a day in 2023. Shockingly, the government isn't legally required to do anything about it. How utterly crap is that?  

And it's not just sewage that's the problem. Every day, pesticides, slurry and microplastics are infiltrating our rivers and seas, turning them into a national health hazard and destroying the homes of many beloved British species. 

Whether it's safe beaches or clean air, we all deserve to live in a healthy environment. That's why we're building the biggest ever public record of support for enshrining our right to a healthy environment in law. 

A new environmental rights law would allow everyone to push back on decisions that threaten the environment and make it easier for people to keep themselves and their neighbourhoods healthy by challenging problems in the courts.

It could protect our rights and those of future generations to live in a healthy environment and help us stop the crap.

To make the new government listen, add your name now.
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