No Child Should Die From Hunger

Joemar is the youngest child of a poor family, in a remote part of the Province of Palawan, the Philippines. With little food and difficult access to medical services, Joemar's first year of life was a struggle and he became severely malnourished. Weighing only 3.3kg, he was at great risk of death.

But thanks to our supporters, UNICEF was there to help Joemar with ready-to-eat therapeutic food. We like to call it superfood, as it contains all the essential nutrients a child needs – and costs only 55 NZ cents a packet!

Just three packets a day, for six to eight weeks can be all it takes to save a starving child's life. Joemar recovered steadily and at age two, is now almost at his optimal weight.

Yet Joemar was only one of 300,000 severely malnourished kids in the Philippines.

UNICEF provided supplies of superfood to address the urgent needs of these children, while we supported the Government in developing health guidelines and medical training programmes. This gave workers across 31 provinces the skills and knowledge to tackle both the short and long-term causes of hunger.

Yet around the world, hunger and malnutrition still claims the lives of 3 million children each year. This is horrific, when the same life-saving superfood that helped Joemar is only 55 cents a packet.

No child should die from hunger.

Please add your name to raise awareness of this crisis and help more children like Joemar receive the help they so desperately need.

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