Support the Switch to 100% Renewable Energy

This spring, we saw record-breaking temperatures, and we can expect heat waves to continue this summer. This is just another example in a long trend of hot years, a trend climate scientists expect will continue unless we make big changes to the way we power our world.

Our homes are one of the biggest contributors to climate pollution, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, in communities around the country, there are already ways to get 100% pollution-free wind and solar energy in your home, so running your dishwasher and turning on the lights contributes to our clean energy future - not climate change.

Choosing renewable energy to power your home is one of the biggest impacts you can make to reduce greenhouse gases and other toxic air pollution. It can even be bigger than not using your car for an entire year. If enough of us take advantage of the pollution-free, renewable energy options in our community, we can ensure a better environment for future generations.

Pledge to reduce your impact and learn how choosing 100% clean energy for your home can change the way we power the world.
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