Only 500 left: Save the Green Peafowl in China

  • van: Jaime M
  • ontvanger: Governor of Yunnan Province, Ruan Chengfa

The Konglong River Nature Reserve in China's Yunnan Province is home to the nation's last population of the stunningly beautiful green peafowl.  The bird - a close relative to the common peacock - is one of the rarest in the world, with fewer than 20,000 left in the world today.

That number is even more shocking when you realize that in the huge expanse of China, the world's most populous and fourth largest there are only 500 remaining.

But now, even the last 500 are under threat as illegal mining threatens to slice up the small reserve and cut their habitat to a fraction of what it currently is. Chinese law prohibits "production installations" from being built within nature reserves, yet that hasn't stopped local miner Yinyang Mining Company from carving up the birds last stronghold.

Sign to ask Governor of Yunnan Province, Ruan Chengfa to save the green peafowl in China ask him to shut down this illegal mine and prosecute them for encroaching upon the reserve.

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